How to Remove Criminal Record From Background Check

The idea of a criminal record is not a new one by any means. This is because it has been around for as long as humans have been around. In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been tracking and storing criminal records since 1924.  The process of removing a criminal record from one’s background check is called “expungement” or “record sealing.” It has nothing to do with taking fingerprints.

arrested expungement

A person must petition the court for expungement of their records. The petition should have the name and birth date of the person, as well as information about the arrest that led to the entry in question. The petitioner must specify if they are trying to seal or obliterate their records, and which ones they want sealed or obliterated. They must also provide any other evidence necessary for consideration, such as character references.

A criminal record can cause major problems for a person. With a criminal record, it becomes difficult to get a job, apply for housing and even go on a simple trip. Sometimes it can be difficult to find anyone willing to hire or have an interest in renting from someone who has been convicted of a crime before. Criminal records are usually sealed after ten years if no new convictions occur; however, this can vary depending on jurisdiction (state). The court will then contact law enforcement officials who will take steps to remove the items from your record report.

In the United States, there are some states that offer some form of expungement as well as other ways to remove criminal records from public view. In some cases, this is not enough and more formal action may need to be taken. The first step is always going through the state’s records department and requesting that the records be sealed or destroyed completely. Some states will also allow you to petition directly with the court if you have had your conviction overturned on appeal.

If you are convicted of a crime, there are some legal processes that you can go through to clear your name. You may be eligible to get your criminal records sealed or destroyed completely.

1. The very first step you have to take when requesting a record to be sealed or destroyed is going through the state’s records department and requesting for the records to be sealed or destroyed completely. You will have to provide your name, address, and other identifying information so they can verify you are eligible. But some states allow you to petition the court directly if you think you can make a persuasive argument – it is always advisable, however, that before starting the process on your own, you get in touch with a lawyer.

2. The second step you have to take when requesting a record to be sealed or destroyed is to submit a written request, which should include details about why you want the record sealed or destroyed. Remember to include all necessary information like your name, address, and other identifying information so you can reduce obstacles or delays. Anyone can request a record to be sealed or destroyed, but they have to take the proper steps. The request will be reviewed by the appropriate division of the court, and if it is granted, the court will notify you in writing.

How to remove criminal record from background check

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